Coconut Curry Soup with Prawns - Hangover Remedy

It's the middle of winter, you need to eat and you're hungover as hell. What do you crave? 

A little hair of the dog?

All very good hangover cures, but my favorite is a spicy curry soup. Something about the spice makes my hangover seem a little less brutal; still require an Advil or two.


Perogies with Bacon & Cabbage - First Post!!

Okay, here it is my first post and recipe - let's dive in!

Perogies (or pierogis) with cabbage; how many of you think of this meal as comfort food? I certainly do because it has the hearty carbs we all crave, it's warm and filling, and if you grew up with an Eastern European heritage, this was your bread and butter.

Strangely, I never think to make this meal and I don't know why. It's very easy, great for families and inexpensive.

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