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This is my second blog. I had a blog a few years ago that was more fashion focused with food, travel and other random happenings....it was all over the place really.

You can check it out here if you are at all interested.

I gave up blogging because I lacked the desire to come up with original posts. There are thousands of blogs out there and the struggle to come up with original content became frustrating. So, I gave it up....

But I am back now with a food focused blog that will feature:
  • Recipes - both healthy and decadent. Some of my own creation and some I have found pursuing the web then added my own twist.
  • Food - pictures of food, articles about food, new food products to try.
  • Restaurants - I will feature any dinning experiences that I feel passionate about, good and bad!
  • Wine - loves me some wine and other libations to wet your whistle.
  • Other - from time to time, I may include other random finds be it beauty, clothing, travel, life hacks. Really anything I feel would be useful but will keep it mainly food focused because food is awesome!

My vision for this blog is to eventually make it a traveler's eating guide that will allow me to embark on adventures and showcase cultural dinning experiences and recipes, both locally and abroad.

But baby steps.....

Right now, this will be a place to share recipes and hopefully you try them, like them, leave some cool comments.... So have a look around the Blue Truffle and let's cook!


Why the name The Blue Truffle

Blue is my favorite colour and "truffle" is just a really likable word that makes me think of the enjoyment you get from a delicious bite.

Homemade Prosciutto and Pepperoni Pizza

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